Hotel Santa Rita - Midland Texas

The video below was created to showcase the Santa Rita hotel in Midland Texas.  Designed by Overland Partners Architects, 3d model and animation by WP Visions.  

Animation Showcase - Work in Progress

The video below is a constant updating video showcasing the best we have to offer and the caliber of animation you can expect from Wp Visions LLC.  Please check back for periodic updates.  

Private Residence

This animation was to show a walk through of a design for the house before it was finished out so the client could experience it before investing in the design.  The length and quality were driven by budget.

Baylor University Sample - Waco, Tx.

This animations shows a sample animation I did just for fun using a project I developed still renderings for.  The project is Baylor University in Waco Texas developed for Overland Partners Architects.

River Master Plan - China.

This animations shows another master plan project in China that is mixed use, and designed with the central concept developed around the "riverwalk" experience.

Private Residence

This simple animation is of a private residence just showing a cool time lapse of a sun study on the house.

Mixed Use River Development - China

This is a project developed with Overland Partners Architects in China for a large mixed use master plan that would include shopping, commercial space, entertainment as well as living.  The overall concept is based on creating a "Riverwalk" like experience.