Chinese Restaurant - China.

These renderings were part of a large visual and document package for a resort in China.  I was working with 

Overland Partners at the time and we developed 3d models and renderings as well as working drawings for

the construction of this interior design.  The project has since been built and as you can see from the few pictures, they built it pretty close to how the renderings represent.

Modern Lake House - Marble Falls, TX.

This is a special project for us as we were able to work almost exclusively on developing the design and construction documents for this project.  The long low one story part of the house was existing, we simply wrapped it in a new exterior finish as well as updated the structure of the porch, the rest is new construction.  The construction was completed early in 2013. The bottom 6 images are early renderings I did of the project, they also show the future green roof that is to be added. Photos courtesy of Tim Blonkvist

1800 Broadway Apartments - San Antonio, TX.

This is a special project for us as we were heavily involved in redesigning the facade for this project with Overland Partners Architects.  We developed only a few renderings for the project one which was printed on a large sign and displayed during construction, but it has since been built at 1800 Broadway, San Antonio, tx.