Prairie View  A&M University - Prairie View, TX.

For this project we helped Overland Partners visualize their 3D model through a series of interior and 

exterior renderings.  Interior renderings can be found here:


City of Alamo Heights Municipal buildings - San Antonio, TX - Alamo Heights.

This is another project we were able to do with Overland Partners Architects, in which we were able to help visualize their design in 3D and develop a couple renderings.  The design went through a few iterations which shows how the rendering styles can change and develop with your project.  The rendering from eye level is more of a soft water color-like style that was developed earlier in the stage.  This too is under construction.

Texas Center for Wine and Culinary Arts - Fredericksburg, TX.

For this project we helped Overland Partners develop their design in 3D before finally developing these two renderings.  This project is aiming to be built and open by October of 2014, check out the link for more info on the project as well as our renderings displayed on their website.

Children's Hospital - San Antonio TX.

For this project we helped on the design, 3D model, and renderings.  The project architects on the job are Overland Partners Architects and WHR Architects.   This project is being built so look back soon for updates on construction photos!!

Baylor Business School - Waco, TX 

These are a series of renderings we did for the Baylor School of Business in Waco Tx.  This was part of a large package of renderings we did with Overland Partners Architects.   

Joske's Department Store - San Antonio, TX.

We were able to help Overland Partners Architects develop this design for a high rise mixed residential building to go on top of an old Joske's department store in downtown San Antonio.  Though the design was turned down due to too much political control in downtown, the design was well received.


River Master Plan Project - China.

These renderings were developed as part of a conceptual design package we did with Overland Partners for a river in China.  Each rendering represents a different zone along the river going from more urban to more ecological.  We were involved in developing the concept in 3D and producing a series of renderings including a few aerial shots which you can see in my Aerials page.