Taco Taco - San Antonio, Tx.

This rendering was the final outcome of a series of designs and renderings I did for the owners of the Taco Taco restaurant in San Antonio Tx. 

Chinese Restaurant - China.

These renderings were part of a large visual and document package for a resort in China.  I was working with 

Overland Partners at the time and we developed 3d models and renderings as well as working drawings for

the construction of this interior design.  The project has since been built and as you can see 

from the few pictures, they built it pretty close to how the renderings represent.

Baylor Business School - Waco, TX 

This is a single interior rendering we did for the Baylor School of Business in Waco Tx.  This was part of a large package of renderings we did with Overland Partners Architects, exterior views can be found 

Prairie View  A&M University - Prairie View, TX.

For this project we helped Overland Partners visualize their 3D model through a series of interior and 

exterior renderings.  Exterior renderings can be found here:

Military Museum - San Antonio TX

These are a couple interior renderings we did for a small military museum in San Antonio Tx.  This was a small and simple project  but turned out to be some of our best interior shots.